Wednesday, February 21, 2018

About the Candidate

After graduating from university, Paul worked in corporate Canada for ten years. In those years he was a systems analyst, software engineer, and cost analyst.

Paul joined GENI (Global Energy Network Institute), a San Diego 501(c)3 not-for-profit organization, in September of 1993 and is now their IT Director. He manages the support of the 3400+ page GENI site, He speaks locally about the GENI Initiative and writes occasionally on specific technical projects (e,g, GENI WMS Server, The GENI Model). He actively supports the World Resources Simulation Center (, a GENI spin-off project.

He is CEO of Green Star Standard, a consultancy that specializes in environmental impact validation using a Life Cycle Assessment process that automates the ranking of products or services using standards-based methods. These LCAs allow organizations to perform full whole life costing with effective transparency and Triple Bottom Line comparisons.

GSS uses science and standards to provide the independent 3rd-party validation you need to improve the value of your brand 10-20%. Think of Green Star Standard as the good housekeeping seal for the environment. GSS' work meets or exceeds existing life cycle assessment standards. It helps you win the new business relationships you desire.

He serves on the Board of the Sustainability Alliance of Southern California, where he advocates sustainable community policies. He actively participates on the Energy and Water Committee and Green Products Committee of the San Diego Regional Sustainability Partnership.

He is a former member of the IEEE and the San Diego Chapter of the Institute of Management Consultants.

In alignment with his other policy-related activities, he is running as an Independent Candidate on the Libertarian Ticket for the 53rd Congressional District in San Diego.

Mr. Dekker received a B.A.Sc. (Systems Design) degree from the University of Waterloo (Waterloo, Ontario, Canada), in 1980.

As part of a lifetime commitment to learning,

  • In 1992, Mr. Dekker completed the Excellerated Business School’s Money & You program, and since then has continued to recommend and support DC Cordova, the instructors, and participants of this innovative and powerful transformational learning program (do this program first!).
  • He completed Landmark Education Corporation’s Curriculum for Living (1992-2004); Wisdom Course; Partnership Exploration; and the Introduction to Forum Leadership Program (IFLP). As well, he was a 2-time IFLP Coach, 2-time Wisdom Course Coach, and 3-time Partnership Explorations Grading Team member (his final grading team achieved the highest all-time participant completion percentage for the course)
  • Paul completed the Referral Institute’s Certified Professional Networker Certificate Program in 2007.
  • In 2009, He completed the MetaFitness Body Mind Institute Empowerment Coach Certification program.
  • In 2009, Mr. Dekker completed the CEO Space program (register here), and has attended all of the forums since 1209, building teams and serving other innovators and business leaders as well.
  • Paul participated in the Mind In Business program with Productive Learning in 2010.