Wednesday, February 21, 2018

How Congress Can Help The Economy

Last year's effort to stimulate the economy was effective only in saving state and local government jobs. Meanwhile, the private sector has lost 5.9 million jobs since 2007.

And unemployment has risen to 10%

Try something new. Stimulate the economy by cutting the cost of federal regulations, which will exceed $1 trillion this year.,000%20Commandments%202009.pdf

That would pay for 20 million $50,000-a-year jobs!

Creating new jobs is easy -- just make it simpler to do business in America. The economy crashed because of Federal Reserve credit manipulations and excessive risk-taking encouraged by government polices. It was too much regulation and political meddling that led to the problem, NOT a lack of regulation.

Instead of piling more burdens on top of those you've already created, please do this instead . . .

  • make it less costly for businesses to comply with the tax laws, by simplifying them
  • end Sarbanes-Oxley, which burdens companies while doing little to reduce fraud
  • regulate financial institutions through consumer choice, and by allowing bad institutions to fail (no more bailouts!)

Most importantly . . . start following the Constitution's Commerce clause!

The Clause reads . . . "(The Congress shall have power) To regulate Commerce with foreign Nations, and among the several States, and with the Indian tribes."

The rule tells you that you can only regulate goods and services that cross state lines. You CANNOT regulate business activities that happen WITHIN a state. Congress must therefore stop . . .

  • regulating the terms, conditions, and wages of employment
  • regulating goods and services sold locally

By limiting the reach of Congressional regulation to *interstate* commerce, Congress will create more freedom for . . .

  • the unemployed to find work
  • entrepreneurs to start new businesses
  • small retail business owners to compete
  • farmers to serve local markets

What you've done so far has violated the Constitution, and it didn't work. Do something that will work. Obey the Constitution. The people will take care of the rest.